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The whole world of CATAN in your hands

The entire CATAN universe for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. Enjoy the original board game on your smartphone, tablet or PC – at home or on the go!


Restrictions after backend platform change, updates

Hello Catanians,

Currently there are still limitations with some features. We are still working hard to fix remaining bugs.

For the latest information, please follow us on social media or join our Discord server.


Trade – Build – Settle

Settling, trading and building are the keys to success. Tactically place your settlements and roads, squabble with your friends over resources and cleverly block tiles with the robber. Just like in the board game, it takes some serious strategic thinking to outsmart your fellow players.


CATAN – Seafarers

Build ships and set sail with your settlers on an adventure to new coasts in this expansion. Like in the well-known board game, you earn your sea legs and explore undiscovered islands and exotic treasures – just be wary of pirates!

CATAN - Cities and Knights

The barbarians are coming! Call up the knights of CATAN to defend your cities from barbarians. With new tradeable wares and inventions, CATAN enters a new age. Whose cities will balloon into metropolises? Who will save CATAN from the barbarians?


CATAN - Special Scenarios

New dangers are threatening CATAN! The only way to cure the drought is by building a canal on CATAN, and a mysterious new island promises countless treasures. But be careful! You can’t overcome these challenges alone.


CATAN – Rise of the Inkas

Lay the foundation for a healthy, expanding civilization for the Inka. New resources enrich trading – but there’s limited space for settlements and cities. Only once you strategically place settlements and cunningly build over other players will you successfully bring about the rise of the Inka.


Rivals for CATAN

Challenge your rival in the CATAN universe! Win or lose, there is no second place. Erect buildings in the settlements or cities of your territory to secure victory points. Pay close attention to the cards your rival plays and protect your territory and resources from backhanded attacks and unexpected side effects. It’s CATAN for two players!

Features of

CATAN - Universe

Multiple devices and cross platform

Play CATAN anywhere, anytime. On your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer: Play CATAN on any device. Download the game for free and start playing right away. One account, all devices: Get the app for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Online and offline

Play online against your friends anywhere in the world or challenge the strong computer opponents in an offline game. No matter which variant you prefer, CATAN offers thrilling gameplay.

Original rules

Are you familiar with CATAN? Use your knowledge to strategize and make tactical moves in order to gain an advantage over your opponents. CATAN Universe uses the current official rules of the board game.

Level system and customisation

Create your own customized avatar. Level up to unlock new clothing, hairstyles and accessories for your avatar. Or replace your avatar with a cute pet in the shop.

Leaderboards and Seasons

Find out where you stand against the best players in the world. Will you earn the prestige of ranking as a grandmaster? Seasons offer the additional opportunity to prove yourself over and over again within the huge CATAN Universe Community and unlock epic extras.