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Challenge your rival to a duel

Win or lose – there is no second place in this card game.


There can only be one

Become prince or princess of CATAN when you experience CATAN as a duel. Who has the best strategy for placing buildings? Who will collect the most resources? Who will earn the most victory points? Prove your tactical supremacy and rule over CATAN. Carefully lay down your cards and keep your eye on the principality of your rival.

You will need a particularly good strategy – with only one other player, each of your rival’s attacks are trained directly on you. But you can retaliate against your opponent with the same precision using the multitude of available cards.


Use your regions

Just like in the original board game, expand your rule by building settlements and developing more space for buildings and items in your cities. Make use of your regions with the help of your cards to gain an advantage over your rivals. Build settlements, cities and other buildings for your subjects. But stay alert! You must make use of every opportunity to thwart your rivals. Soon your settlements will blossom into a flourishing principality, bringing your population out of the dark ages and into the golden years.


Buildings, ships and heroes

Invest in buildings and merchant ships to increase your trading capacity and win crucial victory points. Don’t forget about the heroes. Because if your rival manages to lure them over, they immediately benefit from your lost strength.

Play the two-player card game online and test your strength against your friends or other players as well as offline against a computer component.