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Establish a new empire!

Experience the rise and fall of Andean civilizations in CATAN – Rise of the Inkas.


Establish your empire

Settlers and traders have to find their way in a new world in which the fall of a civilization follows quick on the heels of its glorious rise. Keep your eye on the other players as you compete for a short supply of resources. As in the classic board game, tactical thinking is the key to success. Venture into previously unknown lands and establish your empire. Faraway from CATAN, in the Andes mountains, the future of your empire is up to you, and you alone can bring your tribe to the summit. But it’s hard to survive amid the high peaks at this altitude. A small strip of land between the coast and the jungle offers limited space where players compete for the most fertile areas to build their settlements.


Blood and decline

Empires grow and expand, but none can last forever. Watch your empire grow into unthinkable power and then inevitably fall. But don’t despair! Once nature has reclaimed your territories and your empire has vanished, other civilizations can take over. The fall of the first tribe makes way for the second. It’s the fate of the third tribe that decides victory or defeat in CATAN – Rise of the Inkas.


New resources from the world of the Inka

Unimaginable riches are tucked deep in the thick jungle and along the coast. The new world contains resources that even the most experienced CATAN players have never seen before. Brave explorers can trade with feathers or the leaves of the coca plant. The ocean swarms with fish – your settlers just have to cast their nets and wait. You’ll find eager traders among the other players. But pay attention to what they’re up to and make sure this highly detailed, exciting game ends in your favor!


Built upon old knowledge

New empires are built upon the fallen, drawing on their history to become even more powerful. But only one player can set in motion the rise of the Inka empire. Because circumstances are constantly changing, the game remains exciting right until the very last moment.

The new mechanics of rise and decline as well as the ability to build over existing settlements once the jungle takes them back make this expansion a whole new experience – even for those familiar with CATAN.