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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve listed answers to the questions we’re most frequently asked.


How much does the app cost?

CATAN Universe can be downloaded and played for free. You can unlock the expansions, the base game, the Rise of the Inkas and Rivals for CATAN by purchasing CATAN Gold.


Do I need multiple accounts for all of my devices?

No. You can play CATAN Universe on all of your devices with the same account as well as access all of your purchased content.


In which languages is CATAN Universe available?

Currently CATAN Universe is playable in German, English, Spanish, Dutch and French.


Do I need any prior knowledge to play the game?

No. Even CATAN newbies quickly get a hang of the app. In every game there is an optional tutorial. The “Arrival in CATAN” quest introduces you to the different aspects of CATAN Universe.


Can you combine expansions?

Yes. If you have Seafarers as well as Cities and Knights, you can play the scenarios of the Seafarers expansion with the rules of the Cities and Knights expansion.


Can you select the level of difficulty?

In the setup of a game, you can select the level of difficulty for the NPCs. In the online multiplayer mode, you take on other players who are of roughly the same level as you.


Is there an offline option?

Yes. Games against AI can also be played in offline mode.


On which platforms can you use the CATAN app?

The app can be played on smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Additionally the app can be loaded from a browser (Chrome or Firefox) as well as on STEAM.


Will CATAN Universe be further developed?

Yes. CATAN Universe will be continuously further developed as well as fed with new content. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@CatanUniverse), check in here on the website, or join our DISCORD server to keep up to date with the latest news.


What are Seasons?

Seasons are time-limited competitive play modes during which you can win great prizes for the CATAN Universe. You can find a list of FAQs specific to the Seasons here:


What are the multiplayer modes?

You can find detailed information about the three different multiplayer modes in the forum:


I have technical issues or problems with the registration or connectivity. Who can help me with that?

Please post your questions in our forum or write to Please make sure to include your CATAN Universe username in your email.