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Take to the sea!

Seafarers have set sail to new shores in the oceans surrounding CATAN. Beware of the danger lurking beyond the mainland!


Beyond the horizons of CATAN

With the Seafarer expansion, the world of CATAN grows. Board a ship and leave the safety of the mainland to travel far beyond the known settlements and cities. In this CATAN expansion, as a seafarer you will discover the world beyond the horizons of CATAN. On your adventures, your settlers will discover fertile islands and rare new resources. Establish settlements and cities in the new world, and expand your territories on one of the new islands as an experienced trader. But don’t get too excited, because the other players are also on the search for the best place to land a settlement. Only through clever placement and flexible planning will you be successful as a trader and seafarer in CATAN.


Rare resources

Build ships to traverse the sea, and discover rare resources and valuable treasures on the previously inaccessible islands of CATAN. There’s gold to be found – and not just on the smaller islands. You can use this precious metal to buy any resource you need – a dream for adventurous traders. Settlements and cities on the sea become ports for you to travel to the other islands. But the other players are on the hunt as well, kicking off the race to build longest trade route in CATAN. And make sure you’re prepared before you catch a glimpse of black sails on the horizon.


Defend your trade routes from pirates!

The pirates are attacking CATAN! They’ve blockaded your harbor, stopping your ships from going out to explore distant shores. Save your seafarers and defend your sea routes from new dangers. Like the robbers, the pirates can also be used to your advantage and set players against each other.

Expand the world of CATAN with many new scenarios, ships and pirates. Your settlers will discover new realms beyond CATAN. A real adventure for all CATAN fans!