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Barbarians are threatening CATAN!

Protect the wellbeing and riches of CATAN in the Cities & Knights expansion.


Protect CATAN from the barbarians

In the CATAN expansion, you are a trader transforming cities into metropolises and protecting your settlers from the barbarians! They pillage, they plunder and they are gone as quick as they came. CATAN’s ascent is in danger, and the merchants in the cities are struggling to survive! Come to the rescue and save your settlers and cities from the barbarians, before they destroy everything. Round up your knights to protect the settlers and align yourself with other players to combat the hordes of barbarians – the only way to survive is by banding together. With a powerful knighthood, you will save CATAN and its settlers from fresh attacks.


New commodity and development cards

In the Cities & Knights expansion your cities produce both resources and commodities. Thee commodities can be used by the builders of CATAN to expand cities and purchase powerful development cards. Strengthen your production to secure the best trade or protect your settlements and cities. Commodities and development cards are the key to victory.


Establish metropolises

Profit from flourishing trade in CATAN and expand your city with new commodities. Support politics in your city with coin, strengthen trade with cloth and foster education with valuable paper. The strong action cards will bring returns. Empower your cities and develop them into metropolises, earning valuable victory points. Who will win the competition for metropolises and secure crucial advantages?

With the CATAN expansion Cities & Knights, the game delves even deeper into tactics. Combine this expansion with Seafarer scenarios to open up all of the possibilities. Experienced CATAN veterans will also be confronted with new challenges to protect their settlers from the danger of barbarians.