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Experience brand-new adventures

Sail to faraway shores or save the old world — now with additional new scenarios


Set off on new adventures!

The new scenarios shed new light on CATAN like a refreshing wind sweeping away clouds. Combining the Cities & Knights expansion with Seafarer as well as additional special rules for these scenarios challenges you and your opponents in a new way. Anyone who thinks they can make it alone will be sorely disappointed. Teamwork is crucial to fight off the barbarians, but be careful who you trust. Even though you have to work together, there can only be one winner!


The lost land!

The discovery of a new island awakens an urge for adventure in many settlers. Valuable treasure beckons, but hidden danger lies in wait. Mighty dragons protect the treasure and test the knights of CATAN. As if that weren’t enough, the old world is at risk too. The barbarians are back and are pillaging their way across the land.


Starvation strikes CATAN!

An endless drought has ruined the wheat fields of CATAN. The ruling class has come to the conclusion that the only way to triumph over nature is by pooling their strengths. Knights have been reassigned to build a canal from the sea to the fields. The landed gentry are placing their trust in the knights to bring new life to the wheat fields with this water and produce a bountiful harvest.